Who is @someone Tiktok? Account and Real Name Revealed

The anonymous TikToker @someone went viral online. Although this account is verified with colossal followers, it is yet private.

@Someone is a TikTok star whose account is private with 0 videos, yet it has 10.3 million followers and 9.9million likes. How is that possible? Why do people follow him when there is not a single content?

Moreover, his TikTok bio is more interesting and unique. Mostly, TikToker writes their name and other details in their bio. But the user @someone has mentioned a date “9/15/2021”. Hold on, this account is literally different from the other TikTokers.

No worries. We will clear your doubts. Is there something mysterious happening on that day? Read on to get the details.

Who is @someone Account on Tiktok?

@someone is an account of an anonymous person. Neither he has uploaded a DP nor a name on this platform.

Furthermore, @someone gender, face, and other details are kept confidential. If you want to know the details of @someone, you must follow the account and wait for the response.

According to HITC, this account @someone has uploaded a video that explains the mystery date. Shortly, on 9/15/2021, the internet will shut down for a long period of time. @someone wrote a comment and warned everyone to be ready for the consequences.

Whatsoever, today is 9/16/2021, and the world is still surfing on the internet. TikTok users always made crazy videos by mentioning certain dates. For instance, natural disasters, terrorists attack, zombie apocalypse, and now shut down of the internet.

The TikTok user @someone Age And Real Name Divulged

People are eager to know more about mystery @someone’s age and real name.

We’re continuously searching on Google regarding the someone account but couldn’t find any clue.

We can’t take a look at his video as the account is private. It’s all about time. Indeed, the individual behind the camera should confront his personal details with the public.

Is @someone On Wikipedia?

@someone has no real name or biography on Wikipedia on the internet. However, we can find him on the TikTok account.

The TikTok user by the handle @someone has created a fiasco on the internet for several weeks by claiming that the internet will shout down. Well, we can’t be as stupid as the user, right.

The future is uncertain, and it is unpredictable, right. Nonetheless, we’re keeping tabs and let you know when the information is revealed online.