Who is Mostafa Baluch? Explore The Drug Abuser’s Ethnicity Origin And Background

Mostafa Baluch, an alleged cocaine smuggler, is assumed to be Australian. Learn everything about his origin, background, and parents’ details in the below article.  

Mostafa Baluch, Australia’s most coveted person and alleged drug smuggler, was seized during an elaborated attempt to trafficking drugs from Europe.

Further, Mostafa was arrested after succeeding more than 15 days manhunt in which several sources including NSW, Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia were involved.

Likewise, 33 years old Baluch went missing on October 25, as per the sources it is also known that he had a connection with Europe. Even after several attempts, the police haven’t reported which country he was planning to visit.

Additionally, police are highly working on this matter as there are many shreds of evidence found which shows he was heading out of the country before getting arrested. Likewise, the head of NSW police organized also said that he offered some amount of money to the criminal networks to release him and fly him out of the state.

Mostafa Baluch Nationality, Ethnicity & Origin Background

Mostafa Baluch is assumed to hold an Australian nationality. However, this is not confirmed yet.

We are unable to mention his nationality at this moment as he hasn’t disclosed his identity openly in the media sources. Nevertheless, after having a detailed survey on his bio, we have found out he has been residing in Australia for a long and his parents immigrated to Australia from Afghanistan for the sake of their children’s careers.

Likewise, no doubt the 33-years-old was brought up in Afghanistan before he pursued his career in Australia. As his parents were from Afghanistan Mostafa Baluch might belong to the Asian ethnicity.

Mostafa Baluch Parents Detail

Mostafa Baluch’s names are yet to get available on media sources. Further, Baluch parents have preferred to maintain privacy as they are going through a serious problem.

Moreover, his parents and other family member are living at the Bayview family home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Along with Mostafa’s parents, their other three children still run the family restaurant.

Similarly, regarding the burning topic, Mostafa Baluch his bloodline has said they have no idea regarding his illegal work.

Insights On Mostafa Baluch Arrest

Mostafa Baluch was arrested on Wednesday morning while attempting to enter Queensland disguised by a truck driver. NSW Police requested assistance in monitoring the shore to ensure Baluch could not escape by sea.

Additionally, the Sydney man was captured by Queensland police after a tip-off from their teammate south of the border. The detain was made in Tweed Heads and he is presently being held in the Southport police station.

Reportedly, he also owned Northbridge’s Cervo restaurant before it closed and is claimed to have been the financier behind a 900kg package of cocaine into Australia that had a street worth of $270m.