Who Is Cesar Echaverry, 29? Miami Dade Police Officer Killed By Jeremy Horton

Miami Dade police officer Cesar Echaverry was killed after a robbery suspect shot him in the head.

Recent reports mention that the Miami Dade county police officer Cesar Echaverry has died after being shot in the head.

The incident occurred while the officers were chasing a robbery suspect before the situation heated and the two sides were involved in a shooting. Cesar got shot in the fatal exchange of bullets and eventually passed away.

Miami Dade police director Ramirez expressed his condolences and confirmed the officer’s death while highlighting his immense contribution to society and his exemplary community service. He also mentioned Cesar’s bravery and sacrifice to society while providing support and strength to the Echaverry family.

As the news continues to make headlines, the attention has fallen on the lost officer as people are curious to know more about him, such as his personal and professional background.

Obituary: Who Was Cesar Echaverry, 29? Miami Dade Police Officer Killed

Cesar Echaverry was a 29-year-old Miami Dade-based police officer killed while confronting a robbery suspect.

CBS News reports that the officer was working with RID, the Robbery Intervention Detail, which works in some of the worst crime-facing communities in the country. He was a vital member of the crime-controlling force and was active in the service for multiple years.

The obituary mentions that Cesar died following the fatal shooting between the officers and the suspect on the run. This death has gained broad attention as the city’s mayor, and other well-positioned officials have expressed concern about the killing and prayed for his peaceful demise.

Now the whole country mourns the demise of the brave soul who put his life on the line to secure the community’s safety.

What Happened To Cesar Echaverry?

Miami Dade police officer Cesar Echaverry died some hours after the robbery suspect, on the run, shot him in the head.

According to the official police statement, RID spotted the armed vehicle involved in the nearby robbery and pulled the car over, asking the driver to get out of it. However, the suspect sped off, and the officers quickly followed the vehicle on the road.

After some time, the RID officials caught the vehicle, and the suspects eventually came out of the car. However, soon after they got out, an altercation occurred, including firings from both sides. In the standoff, Echaverry got shot and was used to the hospital, where he passed away some hours later.

Is Jeremy Horton Arrested?

The Miami Dade shooting suspect, Jeremy Horton, was not arrested but was killed on the spot.

In the shooting near NW 62 Street and 10 Avenue, both the police and criminal sides suffered heavy blows. While officer Cesar took the bullet on his head, the suspect of the robbery, Jeremy, was also killed on the spot.

The official reports mention that the 32-year-old Horton died at the scene following the gunfire. There are no details about who killed him or how many rounds were fired at the burglar, as the description remains with the law enforcement department.

While one was pronounced dead on the standoff, it remains unclear if other individuals were also involved in the crime as there is no clear information in this regard.