Obituary: VMJ Forex Death Cause – Was VMJ Forex Education Shot?

The death news of VMJ Forex can be found on some news sources but no official obituary notice has been published.

Netizens are mourning the death of the popular South African traders death on the Internet. 

Obituary: VMJ Forex Death Cause – Was VMJ Forex Education Shot?

VMJ Forex Education cause of death is said to be a gunshot, but there is no official obituary notice to confirm the news. People on social media, including his followers and friends, have in grieving over his death.

They claim that he was shot to death and was found in Diepkloof, South Africa. One of the news sources has shared a picture of a wounded person on Twitter, but we are not sure if it is VMJ Forex or not.

Some of the netizens speculated that the forex traders were supposedly being targeted. In the last two weeks, forex traders named Leadership Monhla were followed in Durban, Lesiba was involved in car hijacking and now the VMJ is shot dead.

It is possible that it may not be a coincidence, but there has been no news regarding these matters yet. Thus, we can conclude what the true story is behind all of these incidents.

In addition, no official statement has been released regarding VMJ’s death cause. However, we will update you once the police have confirmed the incident and provided details about his death.

Who was VMJ Forex? Was He a Trader?

VMJ Forex is a successful South African Forex trader. Besides being a trader, he provided classes and held events to educate people about how to do trading and earn money.

His Instagram posts are often about his training sessions. His techniques and teaching have surely influenced many people to get engaged in trading and make an easy income with some financial knowledge.

It is justifiable that his followers and fans are shocked and sad hearing about his death. It seems the world has lost a prominent financial trader who was helping people change their lives.

Learn About His Wife

There is no information about his wife on the internet. In addition, we are not aware if he was married or not.