LA Mayoral Candidate Gina Viola Calls Out Police As “Watchdogs” For White Supremacy

In her recent interview, the LA mayor candidate referred to police and other law enforcement officers as “watchdogs” of white supremacy. 

Gina Viola is a self-proclaimed “extinct” activist and member of the “White People 4 Black Lives” movement. She filed late to run for mayor in the June 7 primary to succeed Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is running out of time.

However, Rick Caruso and Rep. Karen Bass, the front-runners on the ballot, and D-Calif, have just the opposite point of view from Gina. They have spoken out to add more police officers to the force to combat rising crime in Los Angeles.

However, left-leaning Viola has spoken to support several Black Lives Matter leaders. The Los Angeles Police Department has also promised to abolish and redirect funding to more social services.

LA Mayoral Candidate Gina Viola Wikipedia Bio

Gina Viola is a newer face in terms of LA politics. She describes herself as a business owner, community organizer, and social activist. She has actively participated in many rising social issues like the Black life matters and LGBTIQ plus community.

Gina Viola was born in Bethpage, New York, in 1969. She is currently 53 years old.

Viola worked for Aids Project Los Angeles for years, organizing for LGBTQ rights. She was also a mentor and board member for the Girls & Gangs program.

Gina recently shifted her focus to racial and social justice activism. She has owned a company that offers to staff trade exhibits and conventions for the past 25 years.

She has previously spoken about Black people’s rights and LGBTIQ plus community rights. She is willing to bring positive changes to these issues, as well as she wants to lessen the funding for the police department instead use that money on social services.

Who Are Gina Viola Husband and Family?

The information on Gina Viola’s husband hasn’t been disclosed yet. She hasn’t talked about her husband or having a husband in any of the interviews yet.

However, Gina is a proud mother of her two children. She wants to raise her children to become good human beings.

Gina wants her children to live in a society with no discrimination. Both of her children attend LAUSD schools.

Gina Viola Net Worth

Gina Viola is a successful businesswoman. However, her actual amount of net worth hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Voila owns a company that offers trade exhibitions and conventions. She has actively worked as a community organizer as well. So we are assuming she makes a decent amount of money.