Keira Claire Ballesteros Age: Everything To Know About Paolo Ballesteros Daughter

What is Keira Claire Ballesteros’s Age?

Keira is 13 years old and was born on November 29, 2008. She was born to her mother, Katrina Nevada, and her father, Paolo Ballesteros. 

She lives with her mother in Chicago, United States, but her father Paolo makes sure that he spends his time with her and is in her life even though they live in two different parts of the world. 

Paolo and Katrina met in college and were romantically involved with one another. Sadly, they ended their relationship only after a year of dating. 

Even though they have ended their relationship and parted to separate ways, they are equally involved in their daughter’s life and are still a family to each other. 

Is Paolo Ballesteros’s Daughter On Instagram?

No, Paolo’s daughter is not on Instagram. However, both of her parents are on the social media platform.

Ballesteros is active on social media and has around 2.4 million followers on Instagram. He mainly posts about his shows and shares the moments with his daughter when he gets a chance to be with her in person. He is a proud father who shares his daughter’s achievements on social media. In 2021, he posted about his daughter graduating from elementary school with honors.

Katrina Nevada is also active on social media but likes to keep her account private. Katrina lives with her daughter in Chicago and works as an influencer and model.