Judit Varga Parents: Meet László Varga

Judit Varga, a prominent figure in Hungarian law and politics, has made significant strides in her career, but her journey to success is rooted in her upbringing and family background.

Born on September 10, 1980, in Miskolc, Hungary, Judit Varga hails from a humble yet supportive family environment.

Her father, László Varga, played a pivotal role in shaping her values and instilling in her a strong work ethic from a young age.

In 2003, Varga achieved academic excellence when she graduated summa cum laude from the University of Miskolc with a judicial degree.

This accomplishment laid the foundation for her future endeavors in the legal field and set her on a path towards professional success.

After completing her education, Varga embarked on a career dedicated to public service and advocacy. In 2009, she passed the Hungarian bar exam, further solidifying her credentials as a legal expert.

Over the years, Varga honed her skills and expertise, eventually emerging as a respected figure in European Union relations and policymaking.

From 2009 to 2018, Varga served as a policy advisor to Members of the European Parliament from Hungary, including Erik Bánki and György Hölvényi.

In June 2018, Varga’s dedication and hard work were recognized when she was appointed as Minister of State for European Union Relations in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Varga’s impressive track record and unwavering dedication to public service ultimately led to her appointment as Minister of Justice, where she continued to make significant contributions to Hungary’s legal system and governance.

Throughout her career, Varga has remained grounded in her roots and values, drawing inspiration from her upbringing and the lessons imparted by her parents. Her father, László Varga, continues to be a source of strength and support as she navigates the complexities of politics and policymaking.