Is Laura Kenny Pregnant? Miscarriage Story, Is She Retired?

Is Laura Kenny Pregnant In 2022 Or Did She Retire?

Laura Kenny is not pregnant in 2022 and definitely not returning as well.

The athlete has not spoken anything about conceiving a child lately, she is not pregnant as she is pushing hard on her pedals at the ongoing Commonwealth games. 

Although Kenny and her team did not perform as expected in team pursuit in Commonwealth games recently, she has not spoken anything about retiring as a professional cyclist yet. 

Laura has had an impressive career as a professional cyclist so far, she has won six Olympic medals out of the five Gold medals. She has also won numerous other championships and games in her career. 

Kenny got pregnant with her son back in 2017 but she got on track soon enough, she even won an Olympic medal in 2020 after her son was born. 

So as far as we can tell, Laura is not pregnant as of 2022 and she does not seem to have any plans on calling quits on her career as a professional cyclist as well. 

Laura Kenny Miscarriage Tragedy

Laura Kenny had to go through a miscarriage tragedy last year in November. 

She and her husband were absolutely chuffed to bits when they found she was pregnant following the Olympic Games last year according to Guardian. 

However, Kenny suffered a tragic miscarriage and lost her 9-week-old unborn child while commentating at the track champions league. 

Laura was devastated after the miscarriage and found herself lost until she got on her bike and started training once again. But little did she know more tragedy awaited her in the future. 

In mid-January this year, she got infected with COVID-19 and got really unwell but she did not have any COVID-19-like symptoms. She went to the hospital to get herself check when she discovered she had an ectopic pregnancy. 

Kenny was rushed to the operation theater and she had to get one of her fallopian tubes removed along with the fetus growing inside according to The Guardian.

She faced lots of tragedies in the past year but she has now once again got on her bike and started doing what she loves the most. 

Who Is Laura Kenny Husband?

Laura Kenny is married to her husband Jason Kenny. 

The couple got married in a private ceremony on September 24, 2016. Laura and Jason share a son named Albie together. 

They now live together with their son near Knutsford in Cheshire according to her Wikipedia profile. 

Laura’s husband Jason is also a professional cyclist with a great career. He is the British athlete with the most Olympic gold medals (7) and medals (9).

They are perhaps the most successful married pair in Olympic history where both partners have taken home at least one gold medal each, totaling 12 gold and 3 silver.