How did Aaron Korsh come up with Suits?

The inception of a television series often stems from a myriad of inspirations, experiences, and personal anecdotes. In the case of the hit legal drama “Suits,” creator Aaron Korsh drew heavily from his own life to craft the captivating narrative that has enthralled audiences around the world.

At the heart of “Suits” lies the character of Mike Ross, a brilliant but unconventional legal prodigy who lands a job at a top law firm despite lacking a formal education. Interestingly, Korsh based this character on none other than himself, drawing upon his own experiences and characteristics to breathe life into the iconic role.

As a child, Korsh was no stranger to academic success. Gifted with an exceptional memory and a keen intellect, he excelled in his studies with seemingly little effort. However, unlike the traditional image of a studious student buried in textbooks, Korsh possessed a natural aptitude for absorbing knowledge and retaining information, akin to that of his fictional counterpart, Mike Ross.

Korsh’s journey mirrors that of Mike Ross in many ways. Like his character, he found himself navigating the complexities of the legal world despite lacking a formal legal education. Drawing upon his innate talents and resourcefulness, Korsh carved out a successful career for himself, ultimately finding his niche in the world of television and storytelling.

In crafting “Suits,” Korsh delved into his own experiences and observations to create a rich tapestry of characters and storylines that resonate with audiences on a deeply personal level. Through the character of Mike Ross, he explores themes of ambition, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence, drawing upon his own journey to infuse the series with authenticity and depth.

Korsh’s decision to base the character of Mike Ross on himself adds an extra layer of authenticity to “Suits,” allowing viewers to connect with the character on a deeper level. By drawing upon his own experiences and personal traits, Korsh not only imbues the series with realism but also creates a protagonist who is relatable and compelling in equal measure.