Did Usher marry his manager?

In 2015, Usher tied the knot with his longtime partner and manager, Grace Miguel, sealing their romance in a secretive ceremony in Cuba.

Grace wore two hats in their relationship, serving not only as Usher’s life partner but also as his manager and business collaborator.

However, their union was short-lived, with the couple announcing their separation in 2018 after just three years of marriage. Despite parting ways, they emphasized their enduring friendship and mutual respect.

As of today, February 12, 2024, Usher remains unmarried. Since 2019, he has been romantically linked with music executive Jenn Goicoechea, with whom he shares two children.

Their relationship marks a new chapter in Usher’s personal life, signaling a fresh start after the dissolution of his marriage to Grace.

The entertainment industry often blurs the lines between professional and personal life, presenting unique challenges for celebrities like Usher.

While working closely with his partner had its perks, it also posed challenges that ultimately contributed to the demise of their marriage.

Despite the setbacks, Usher continues to evolve personally and professionally, embracing new opportunities and relationships along the way.