Are Ethan And Olivia From Plathville Still Together? Their Net Worth New House Revealed

Neither Ethan nor Olivia have officially confirmed that they are still married; there are no significant signs of splitting thus far.

Ethan is the Plath family’s oldest son, and he and his wife, Olivia, are both 23 years old.

According to Your Tango, the couple met in their mid-teens at a Christian event called the Smokey Mountains No Greater Joy Shindig in 2014.

Olivia spent a few weeks at the Plath family farm after exchanging letters to each other in 2016.

According to the couple’s wedding website, the couple dated long-distance until Ethan proposed in November 2017.

Ethan and Olivia were both 20 years old when they married.

And they both came from highly orthodox fundamentalist Christian families, but Olivia’s upbringing is frequently regarded as considerably less severe than the Plaths’.

Are Ethan And Olivia From Plathville Still Together?

Although neither Ethan nor Olivia have officially confirmed that they are still married, there have been no significant signs of splitting thus far.

Olivia participated in an Instagram Story Q&A in April 2021 when a fan inquired if “everything is okay” between her and Ethan.

Olivia replied, “We’re working through a lot right now, but maybe it’ll all make us wiser and stronger in the end,” with a selfie of herself and Ethan.

Olivia shared a photo of them on Instagram on Ethan’s birthday in May 2021, wishing him a happy birthday.

Images and details about her wedding photography company are the last things she has published on social media.

Olivia and Ethan mentioned in season 2 of Welcome to Plathville that the tension with his parents had them both pondering divorce at one time.

Many fans have wondered if they followed through on their plans, especially since Season 3 has yet to reveal that the pair made peace with the Plaths, as some had hoped.

The couple is featured in the season 3 premiere, and they both appear embarrassed when probed about their relationship.

A producer said that they appeared to be in a good place towards the conclusion of season 2 and requested additional information about their experiences since then.

“I honestly don’t know whether I can do this,” Ethan answered.

This answer sparked speculation among admirers that the pair had decided to split after all.

Ethan And Olivia Net Worth

The combined total assets of Olivia and Ethan Plath are expected to be about $500,000.

The married pair is still a regular part of the TLC lineup, and they have their ventures as well.

In the Tuesday, October 5 episode of Welcome to Plathville, Ethan Plath and Olivia Plath decide to market their Cairo, Georgia, house, which he exhibits to a local realtor.