Why was Bella mad that Jacob imprinted?

leahlee-thebadwolves answered: Maybe she’s mad because it wasn’t her that Jacob felt “pulled” towards. Also Nessie’s a baby , Bella’s pissed…at first, because of it. mollyywobbles answered: I think it’s more because she hadn’t her child yet. She was even jealous of Edward at one point.

Why does Bella get mad at Jacob for calling Renesmee Nessie?

Renesmee is considered to be Edward and Bella’s “miracle”, because of what it took to keep her and her mother alive through the pregnancy. … Bella initially gets angry and attacks Jacob for giving her daughter the nickname “Nessie” as well as imprinting on her.

Is it weird that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee?

No it is not weird. People are so judgmental of the Twilight world because it doesn’t work the way other fantasy worlds do. But thats just that, its fantasy. Anyways, Jacob even stated in the movie that imprinting is not INHERENTLY sexual.

What does Jacob imprint on Renesmee mean?

By imprinting on Renesmee, Jacob’s werewolves can’t harm her, and following the above-mentioned stages of imprinting, Jacob would first act as an older brother to Renesmee until she grew up – which wasn’t going to take long given her hybrid nature, which makes her age more quickly.

What would have happened if Jacob imprinted on Bella?

Did Jacob imprint on Bella? … If he’d imprinted on Bella in that moment (and it happens the first time you see the person after you’ve phased), he would have answered all her questions. Pretty much, he would have given her anything in the world she wanted.

Does Jacob Stop Aging with Renesmee?

From what I remember of the series, I believe that Renesmee will reach 7-years-old and have the body and mind of a 15-year-old. While she remains in Forks, Jacob will not age, as werewolves stop ageing when vampires appear, and resume ageing when they leave (hence Jacob’s father).

Why did Jacob imprint on a baby?

Jacob is furious, believing that Bella had died giving birth, and goes to destroy the “monster” that killed her, but the moment they look into each other’s eyes, he imprints on her. Jacob describes it as losing his connection to everything else, and the connection to Renesmee is the only one that matters now.

Does Jacob marry Renesmee?

Renesmee plays with Lucina when she was a kid. Renesmee got married to Jacob and made Lucina her maid of honor.

Does Jacob date Bella daughter?

Fans know, in the end, Jacob and Renesmee do live happily ever after together, along with Edward and Bella. Shoutout to Alice’s future-telling skills! She gave viewers a glimpse of the future at the end of Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

Was Edward a virgin?

Instead, in the Twilight Saga, male virginity becomes something of a deviation from the norm. Ultimately, it is Edward’s virginity that makes him deviate from the accepted norms, thus rendering him monstrous, rather than his vampirism, which oddly enough renders him rather human.”

Does Bella love Jacob?

Bella actually falls in love with Jacob in New Moon. … She didn’t recognize the much more subtle falling-in-love she experienced with Jacob. She was only aware that she preferred being with him over everyone else, that he was constantly on her mind, and that his happiness was essential to her own.

Why is the baby fake in Twilight?

Due to her rapid aging, Renesmee’s appearance in Breaking Dawn was digitally manufactured throughout her early childhood. Manipulated versions of Foy’s face were repeatedly edited onto the bodies of various babies and toddlers, with the real Foy only appearing towards the end of the film.

How did Edward Cullen impregnate Bella?

According to the author, vampires have venom that functions in a similar way to blood, which is how Edward was able to get Bella enceinte.

Is Edward Cullen abusive?

Yep, he was abusive. If you need some proof: he gaslit Bella, lied to her, put her in harms way, ghosted her and stalked her. It really is a marvel that he managed to jam all of those red flags into five movies but he did.

How does Edward Cullen have sperm?

Sperm are living cells. Edward is deceased – his cells have been burned and crystallized by venom, as described by Stephenie Meyer herself. Therefore his relationship cells (sperm) are also deceased. … His sperm couldn’t pass on DNA and fertilize an egg.

Why is Bella’s blood special?

Bree Tanner, a newborn vampire from Victoria’s army in Eclipse, described her blood to be “the sweetest scent she’d ever smelled”, but why exactly was Bella’s blood so special is unknown – it might be attributed to her blood being O-negative, or even to her diet.

How long was Bella enceinte in the book?

two weeks
Though Bella has only been enceinte for two weeks, the baby rapidly grows. Jacob rushes over to the Cullens’ house.

How did they make Bella look anorexic in Breaking Dawn?

In order to make Bella appear like she was 30 pounds thinner and dying, visual effects supervisors observed runway models and shaped Kristen Stewart’s face to look like she had an eating disorder. … In order to do that, Kristen, 21, actually wore appliances that exaggerated her cheek bones, chin and collarbones.

Why can’t anyone read Bella’s mind?

Originally Answered: Why couldn’t Edward read Bella’s mind before she was a vampire? Because she aleady possessed the gift of blocking mental based powers even when she was a human. She actually inherited this gift from her father Charlie, though his was less potent according to Edward.

Why is Bella Swan so annoying?

Bella doesn’t have too many interests outside of vampires and werewolves. This tends to make her a boring character for some fans. … She only wants to become a vampire, which is selling herself short since she had so much potential when viewers were first introduced to her.

What is Rosalie’s power in Twilight?

Enhanced Beauty
She is the wife of Emmett Cullen and adoptive daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, as well as the adoptive sister of Jasper Hale.

Rosalie Hale.
Rosalie Lillian Hale
Biographical information
Abilities Basic vampire abilitiesSelf controlEnhanced Beauty
Special abilities Enhanced Beauty

Why does Alice and Jaspers powers work on Bella?

Alice could to see her future, though, because Bella’s future happens outside the mind. … Stephanie Meyer tried to answer this question on her website, explaining that unlike the other vampires powers, Jasper’s power is actually affecting Bella physically by adjusting her pulse and endorphins to calm her down.